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4 Valuable Tips for Getting Better Sleep in Your Apartment Bedroom

4 Valuable Tips for Getting Better Sleep in Your Apartment Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your haven from the havoc of daily life.

Getting adequate sleep is essential for good health. Your body – and your brain – need ample time to recover from the day. Plus, it’s been scientifically proven that when you get enough sleep, you’re in a much better mood throughout the day. That’s doubly important when you share your apartment home with a spouse and an in-law. Your bedroom should be your haven from the havoc of daily life. So now, sit back and relax as we give you some valuable tips for making your bedroom more comfortable for bedtime!

Control the Light Levels 

Even if you like having a lot of lights on, that can hamper your ability to sleep soundly. Your circadian rhythm can be disrupted by how much light surrounds you. Darkness is more conducive for restful sleep than you might assume. Blackout curtains can definitely make a difference – but check with your management company or landlord to make sure you can install them. Also, put away your electronic devices and ignore all screens when you know you need to go to sleep!

Muffle Outside Noises and Sounds

While you might enjoy having white noise, brown noise, or soothing new-age music lull you to sleep, other types of noise can make it hard to snooze. White noise machines can help you counteract loud neighbors, noisy vehicles outside, and yes, even the persistent snoring of your sleeping partner. 

Let Your Nose Lead the Way 

Yes, your nose can affect how well you sleep. After all, your sense of smell is calibrated to help you detect unusual odors in case something (like a fire) should break out while you’re asleep. Aromatherapy and essential oils are fantastic solutions for helping you unwind and calm your racing thoughts when you want to go into lights-out mode. 

Adjust the Bedroom Temperature

This piece of advice is also useful – especially if you’re a hot sleeper. Keep your bedroom temperature on the cooler side – about 60 to 71 degrees. Excessive heat (and excessive cold, for that matter) can bother your body enough that you won’t be able to fall asleep or stay asleep. Either that, or you’ll wake up in the morning feeling sweaty and sticky. That’s no way to greet a brand new day!

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