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5 Tricks for Organizing Your Cluttered Apartment Bathroom

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Even a “master bathroom” in an apartment will have limited counter space.

Your apartment might already feel like home. Even if you’ve only been there for less than a month, it could be the place-to-live you’ve been waiting for all this time. But clutter can ruin that comfy and cozy feeling. Unpacking can take several weeks at a time. After all, daily life is busy. Organizing your space can seem like a daunting task, but you can build some serious momentum! 

Run a Quick Inventory 

First things first, run a quick inventory. Scan through what is there right now. Any expired products should be disposed of; anything that’s only half-used should be used up as soon as possible. Likewise, you could just give them away to your roommates or household members. 

Store Your Medications Elsewhere

It’s easy to think that your meds should be put in the medicine cabinet – what else is it for? The problem is, your bathroom is one of the wettest parts of your entire pad. That humidity can ruin your medications. Sometimes, you can keep extra pills and capsules in the kitchen instead. Should you come across expired medications, throw them away. Your pharmacy might not be accepting them back due to the pandemic

Move Items Off of Surfaces

Another great idea is to simply clear the surfaces. Even a “master bathroom” in an apartment will have limited counter space. Top drawers above your toilet can be a blessing – somewhere to put hair care products, extra toothbrushes, and larger bottles of mouthwash. 

Embrace the Existing Packaging

The packaging that your bath and beauty products come in can actually add to your bathroom’s aesthetic. More expensive items, for instance, can be elegantly displayed. Store other more mundane objects, such as bath bombs, flushable wipes, and soap bars in ordinary containers instead. 

Decorate More Thoughtfully

Giving your full-bath a fun theme doesn’t need to be a challenge. Don’t overdo it on decorative candles, flowers, or fandom-related artwork! Functional items can be eye-catching if you do it right. Besides, the linen closet and the cabinets under the sink are there for a good reason. Put them to better use. Oh, and one more thing – stacking or otherwise rearranging the items can also reduce bothersome clutter!  

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment! 

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