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What to Do During Rainy Days in Your Apartment

beechtree apartments rainy days in your apartment

Spend rainy days in your apartment baking your favorite recipes and staying cozy!

“April showers bring May flowers” is a long-standing saying for a reason: the first full month of spring brings a lot of rain. What can you do when stuck inside, hiding from gloomy downpours? At your Beechtree Apartments home, you have plenty of options for fun, relaxation, and even fitness. Whether you are trying to stay active, enjoy your free time, or entertain the kids, we have a few ideas for what you can do during rainy days in your apartment. 

Make the Most of Days Inside with Our Fitness Center 

When the weather is gloomy, you may want to curl up under a blanket on the couch. However, getting your body moving through exercise can help you get some energy back and stay on track with your health goals. At Beechtree Apartments, residents can use our community fitness center. This means you won’t have to travel through the rain to visit your gym. Our center has various equipment, including treadmills and weight machines, so that you can customize your workout. Once you’re finished, you can return home and enjoy the rest of your day! 

Bake New Recipes with the Family 

Baking hot, delicious treats with your family can be one of the best ways to spend time together indoors. Imagine filling your home with the smell of freshly baked banana bread or cinnamon swirl muffins. Rainy days in your apartment are more fun and rewarding when you open the cookbook with your family. Kids will love getting involved and helping create something new, too! 

Get Crafty

Time spent indoors is time you can use to get creative. Consider getting crafty or starting a DIY project with other family members to stay busy and entertained. Coloring books or paint-by-numbers can be fun projects. You might also hang or rearrange wall art, create your own body scrub, take up knitting projects, and complete crossword or jigsaw puzzles. These are all activities you may have ready at your home. 

Enjoy an Overdue At-Home Spa Day 

Self-care rituals are important for bringing you back to yourself and letting you take a step back from the demands of work, household chores, and other responsibilities. If you’re stuck inside during rainy days in your apartment, focus on your well-being. Run a hot bath, apply a face or hair mask, use body scrubs and lotions, read a favorite book or magazine, and listen to relaxing music. This can help you de-stress and prepare for the days ahead. 

Watch a Favorite Movie Marathon 

If you and your roommates or family members want to “veg out” during a rainy day in your apartment, you can indulge in your old favorites and have a movie marathon. Everyone can wear cozy outfits, find their favorite blanket, and gather on the couch. Everyone can choose which movies you watch so that you can enjoy your favorites. Consider which movies are entertaining for most people, and try out different genres to mix it up: animation, comedies, action movies, and romantic comedies can all be fun on rainy days. 

Host a Small Dinner Party 

You can make the most of your days indoors by connecting with those you may not have much time for otherwise. Plan a dinner party for your household, where everyone creates a dish or drink to share with others. You might also invite your apartment neighbors for extra fun! Making the time to sit down and eat a delicious meal with others is one way to have fun, connect with others, and appreciate fine foods. 

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment!

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