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5 Tips for Leaving Your Apartment While You’re On Vacation

beechtree apartments leaving apartment while on vacation

Remember these tips for safely leaving your apartment while you go on vacation.

Heading out for a vacation is always exciting, but ensuring your apartment is secure and well-maintained while you’re away is crucial. At Beechtree Apartments, we want to help you enjoy your time away with peace of mind. Here are five tips to prepare your apartment before leaving for summer vacation. 

Arrange for Pet Care

If you have pets, arranging for their care is essential. Whether you board them at a trusted facility, hire a pet sitter, or ask a friend or neighbor to look after them, ensure your pet’s needs are met. Provide clear instructions on feeding, walking, and any medications they might need. A pet sitter can also double as someone to check on your apartment, adding an extra layer of security.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Adjust your thermostat before you leave to save energy and reduce utility costs. During the summer, set your thermostat to a higher temperature, such as 85°F, to prevent your air conditioning from running unnecessarily. If your pets stay behind, consider what temperatures are best for them. Your thermostat will most likely be set to a higher setting when you leave your apartment for vacation. 

Unplug Electronics

Unplugging your electronics is a simple yet effective way to save energy and protect your devices from power surges. Items like your TV, computer, small kitchen appliances, and chargers continue to draw power even when they’re turned off. Unplugging them can reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills. Additionally, it can prevent potential electrical fires in your absence.

Provide the Right Amount of Light to Plants

If you have indoor plants, ensuring they receive adequate light while you’re away is important for their health. Move plants closer to windows where they can get natural light, but be mindful of direct sunlight, which can scorch some plants. Water your plants well before leaving, and consider using self-watering pots or asking a friend to check in and water them if you’ll be gone for an extended period.

Secure Your Apartment

Securing your apartment is crucial for peace of mind while you’re on vacation. Double-check that all windows and doors are locked securely before you leave. Consider using timers for lights to create the illusion that someone is home, which can deter potential intruders. Inform a trusted neighbor or the apartment management that you’ll be away, and provide them with your contact information in case of emergencies. Stopping mail and package deliveries or having them collected by a friend can also prevent a buildup that signals your absence.

By taking these steps, you can confidently leave your Beechtree Apartment, knowing your home is safe and well-maintained while you enjoy your vacation. Safe travels and happy adventures!

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