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How to Get Your Pets to Coexist Inside Your Small Apartment

How to Get Your Pets to Coexist Inside Your Small Apartment

If you plan on bringing your pets with you, you’ll probably need to fill out a pet addendum.

Moving into a new apartment is always an exciting time. However, the experience is not without its associated ups and downs. For instance, if you plan on bringing your pets with you, you’ll probably need to fill out a pet addendum. This application form helps file the paperwork to allow your cuddly cats and dogs to live with you in relative peace and quiet. Plus, you can avoid any thorny issues regarding your lease. But once you’ve managed the real-life dilemma of getting them past your threshold, how can you make sure they get along? We’ll tell you! 

Set Up a Dog Statue 

Okay, this will sound like odd advice. But believe it or not, dog statues actually will help. This so-called dog won’t move, bark, or chase your kitties, which gives them plenty of time to adapt to having a canine companion around them. Even if they like dogs, such an approach will increase their comfort levels

Give Cats a Hideaway 

One of the most important ways to encourage your pets to mind their manners is to make a hideaway for your cats. Some cats are cave dwellers – they like dark, quiet spaces where they can curl up and snooze. That’s why you might find them in unexpected places – like your linen closet or the cabinet under the sink!

Make Sure the Litter Boxes Are Dogproof

Every cat needs a clean and accessible litter box. Unfortunately, to a dog, the boxes be a quick and easy snack bin. Carving out a square hole in the bathroom door will let your cats go in and out as they please while excluding your dog. Make sure you run this by your apartment management company or landlord first – because it might violate the terms of your lease!

Be Considerate at Feeding Time

Everyone loves to eat. Mealtime is one of the best ways to connect with your family members and bond with the animals under your care. Gently instruct your dog (or dogs) to back off and get in their crate to eat. Meanwhile, the cats will have an opportunity to eat at their leisure without starting a messy food fight. 

Arrange Enough Beds for Everyone 

Sleep is vital for everyone. It’s a time to get some rest and recharge your batteries for either later in the day or the next day. However, managing bedtime routines for your pets can be just as hectic and frustrating as it is with human kids. Even if your fur-children are perfectly happy to settle on the couch or on top of your blankets, you should designate somewhere for them to sleep. Don’t forget to gift your cat a friendly cardboard moving box as well!

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment! 

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