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4 Financial Obligations That Complicate Move-In Day

move-in day beechtree apartment

Move-in day is both exciting and stressful; it doesn’t help that you’ll probably need to cough up more money than you projected in your moving budget.

It’s a well-established fact that moving out of your previous residence is a hectic process. Even though you may be anticipating the last day of your lease, there’s bound to be some anxiety mixed in there as well. Move-in day is both exciting and stressful; it doesn’t help that you’ll probably need to cough up more money than you projected in your moving budget. What are some of those obligations? We can tell you! 

Paying the Necessary Application Fees 

Application fees seem unnecessary, but they’re just another part of the process. Every tenant included in the lease needs to pay this fee; in some cases, the guarantor must do so. These fees are applied towards background checks and credit checks that prove you are eligible to rent a unit in that specific community. 

Arranging Deposits for Utility Services 

More often than not, water utilities and trash pickup will be tacked onto the total amount of rent you’ll pay every month. Even so, many management companies require you to set up other utilities such as electricity, Internet, and cable. In fact, not getting these utilities in order could land you in some hot water due to the perceived lease violations therein.

Purchasing Approved Renters’ Insurance 

Finding comprehensive renters insurance probably feels like another hoop to jump through. On move-in day, though, you’ll be glad that you took care of it already. This insurance applies to rental homes as well, not just apartments, condos, or flats. You have to renew your coverage every year. Some management companies prefer specific insurance carriers that they work with – this will, at the very least, help you narrow down your choices of where to buy and how much.  

General Moving Costs and Other Incurred Expenses

Moving is a mundane rite-of-passage. Let’s say that in the days before the pandemic, you were able to convince your friends and family to help out. This persuasion typically involved free pizza and sodas. You will also need to secure sufficient bags, boxes, and containers to move your things in; since they can be expensive, try to reuse whatever resources you have on hand. Paying the movers to take away your furniture for you is a huge help. Just make sure you have them cart off more than you think you will – otherwise, you’ll be stuck making multiple trips back and forth with numerous car-loads! 

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment! 

Here at Beechtree Apartments, we pride ourselves on providing you with luxurious living and affordable pricing. When you choose one of our fabulous new apartments in Calvert County or Southern Maryland, you can see how modern living meets modern-day conveniences. It’s easy to find us! Visit us at 200 Jenden Way Suite 101, Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678. Are you social? Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! You can also reach us by phone at 443-432-3557!

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