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3 Great Benefits of Having a Laundry Room Embedded in Your Apartment

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In your previous apartment community, you probably had to rely on communal laundry rooms.

In your previous apartment community, you probably had to rely on communal laundry rooms. That experience probably recalled bad memories from your days in college. Inconsiderate neighbors would leave their clothes unattended while you desperately needed either of the machines. Even if there were several rows, it could still be an exercise in exasperation. However, when you have your very own laundry room inside your apartment, that problem becomes a thing of the past! 

You Save Plenty of Room, Too

For one thing, having your own laundry room saves some space. While at first glance this doesn’t sound possible, take our word for it! Even if your machines are situated side-by-side, you’ll still have room to move around. How else would you load, unload, and add detergent? Don’t forget about those dryer sheets, either! Depending on your apartment‘s layout, though, the laundry room could be oriented a little differently. Perhaps the configuration involves the two units stacked together? This setup is often the case when smaller machines are installed. Combos only take up 2 feet of space, whereas full-size units need 5. 

It’s Much Less Time Consuming 

Laundry day represents a needless hassle. You shouldn’t have to put up with that – between working, doing chores, and helping kids with homework, you’ve got enough to do! Save some time and stress. That way, you can relax more often. Doing laundry this way is far less time-consuming and tedious. Your old routines may have involved carting your dirty clothes and towels to a friend or relative’s place. While that might have made sense in the past, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes this activity risky. Unfortunately, you’ll have to find other solutions.

It Also Helps Save Money

Smaller washers and dryers use up less power. As such, they won’t make your energy bill skyrocket. Plus, you won’t need to waste valuable water resources. Many apartment complex communities include water in the rent totals. Even so, when you save money in one place, you’ll have more money elsewhere – so treat your spouse to a nice dinner or reward yourself for another job well done this past week! 

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment! 

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