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4 Tips and Tricks for Livening Up Your Studio Apartment

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Decorating your studio apartment seems like a slam-dunk easy task.

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to share. If you prefer to live alone, you can feel even more independent than you ever have before. That’s because you won’t have to share your space with messy roommates or inconsiderate spouses or relatives. Even so, you’ll want your new digs to feel like home. Liven up your apartment, even if it’s a studio, with these helpful hints! 

Open Up the Tighter Spaces

So first of all, you’ll want to assess each room. Since studios are the smallest floor plan out there, you’re bound to have several tight spaces. Instead of letting them feel cramped all the time, try to open them up! The furniture you select can and should have attention-grabbing legs. Also, choose glass or mirrored tables to catch and reflect more sunlight. 

Beds with short legs or based on the ground entirely can elevate the ceiling. Lighter wall colors also help make this optical illusion more effective. Want to take it up a notch? Play around with using a darker color on one of the accent walls. Doing this imparts a receding effect that helps make your studio feel more open than it is.  

Be Picky About Colors and Patterns 

Decorating your studio apartment seems like a slam-dunk easy task. But it’s not always so simple. We may have touched on this already, but you need to be selective. In that case, be picky about the colors and patterns you pick. Complementary themes and shades will make the entire flat more cohesive. Go ahead and indulge yourself in the Danish/Norwegian concept of hygge!

Find a Focal Point 

There’s a certain movie where an unfortunately-stained rug really ties the room together. Use that notion to your advantage and find a focal point. It doesn’t only have to be in the living room, either. Area rugs and bookshelves can easily be placed in a bedroom or a third bedroom designated as a hobby room. Accent walls can also be played up when you want to let your interior design do the talking for you!

Savvy Storage Solutions Can Help

Clever storage solutions can make an enormous difference. Since you don’t have as much room as larger apartment spaces do, you’re going to have to get creative. Experiment with collapsible furniture, rolling laundry hampers, storage cubes, and pegboards. Cunningly-concealed hooks and nails can also let you adorn the walls with hats, bags, and other accessories so you won’t have to overstuff your walk-in closet. Just be careful, so you don’t leave any gaping holes in the walls!

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment! 

Here at Beechtree Apartments, we pride ourselves on providing you with luxurious living and affordable pricing. When you choose one of our fabulous new apartments in Calvert County or Southern Maryland, you can see how modern living meets modern-day conveniences. It’s easy to find us! Visit us at 200 Jenden Way Suite 101, Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678. Are you social? Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! You can also reach us by phone at 443-432-3557!

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