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Winter is The Best Time to Deep Clean Your Apartment

beechtree apartments deep clean your apartment

Winter is a great time to deep clean your apartment. Take these steps to clean up your space this season.

While many people know the phrase “spring cleaning,” the dead of winter can often be a great time to spend extra time cleaning your apartment. After all, you are likely spending more time indoors now than at any other time of the year. While you spend more time in your Beechtree Apartments home, why not ensure that your home is as sparkling clean, hygienic, and comfortable as possible for you and your guests? The time after the busy holiday season gives you plenty of chances to pay attention to those areas neglected over the past two months. So what can you do to deep clean your apartment this January? Below are the top suggestions to ensure cleanliness and coziness. 

Wash and Wipe Down Surfaces

A “deep clean” means different things to people, but one element is consistent: every good clean begins with wiping down your apartment surfaces. Clean walls, doors, baseboards, light switches, knobs, and any other area frequently touched or infrequently cleaned. Dust and mop hardwood floors, and vacuum your carpet – don’t forget about the corners, or areas under furniture!

Clean Window Coverings

Curtains, drapes, and blinds need attention too. Don’t forget to dust the tops of the curtain rods! When washing fabric curtains, be sure to use the delicate cycle. Over time, blinds tend to accumulate dust or grime. You can wipe down metal and vinyl blinds with a water/vinegar mix. Carefully wipe the slats down to remove some of that grime. 

Attend to Your Bedding and Mattresses

While many know that bedding should be cleaned frequently, you may not know the importance of cleaning the mattress itself. To remove any microbes or allergens, use a handheld steam cleaner. Vacuum both sides of your mattress. If you can flip your mattress, do so, and make your bed up with cold-weather linens and a cozy comforter. 

Spruce Up Your Kitchen 

You can’t forget about the kitchen when you deep clean your apartment. In addition to cleaning the countertops and large items like the stove and microwave, don’t forget about accessories like knife blocks, pot racks, and utensil holders. Wipe down your walls with a cleaner that contains a degreasing detergent, as much cooking grease can splash up on walls while you cook. 

Remove any out-of-date items from your fridge or freezer. Clear out old spices in your cupboard, and clean and disinfect your trash can. After it dries out, you can help minimize odors by sprinkling a little baking soda. 

Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is another frequently used part of your apartment. Be sure to use the best bathroom cleaners to dissolve soap scum or lime deposits that can accumulate in the tub, shower, or sink. Remove mold or mildew from your shower curtain with mild detergent and bleach. You can also use old toothbrushes to scrub hard-to-reach corners or in-between tiles. 

Tackle Pet Hair 

To reduce pet hair in your home, you can use an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop on hardwood floors. When cleaning pet hair off the carpet, use de-shedding tools to pick up hair from the carpeted floors. If you need to remove hair from furniture, try a dampened rubber glove to collect the pet hair. 

Once you deep clean your apartment, you can enjoy a sparkling like-new kitchen, bathrooms, and cozy bedroom. Removing bacteria and microbes will help you avoid those winter colds and further enjoy cozying up on the couch

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