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7 Tips for Moving Apartments in Winter

beechtree apartments moving apartments in winter

Moving apartments in winter can be easier when you do lots of planning and packing ahead.

Moving during winter can be challenging, especially if you hit bad weather. However, it has some benefits, and with some thoughtful planning, your move to your new apartment can be seamless. If you are moving apartments in winter, remember the following tips for success. If you are moving into Beechtree Apartments, we can’t wait to welcome you into the community! 

Time Your Winter Move

Timing your moving day is essential. Remember that daylight is limited during the winter. You want to get an early start, so you aren’t moving in boxes as the sun sets. The sun also does not rise as high in the sky, which means that light levels on cloudy days can drop by mid-afternoon. Try to aim for a morning to mid-morning move. 

Make a Thorough Checklist

Lists can help you impose some order on what can feel like a chaotic process. You can break your to-do list into chunks – for example, making a list of what your kids or pets might need when moving apartments. Also, pay close attention to weather forecasts and stay in communication with your movers to ensure that everything is still on schedule. 

Dress for Success

Dress for safety and comfort when moving apartments in winter. You will likely need to be making trips outdoors, so have warm, water-resistant gloves and layered clothing prepared. Choose the proper footwear for the weather, too. Slip-resistant and waterproof boots are an excellent choice to avoid cold feet or slips. 

Pack Early

Packing ahead of time is always good advice, no matter the season. You can streamline your move (and get the most out of those daylight hours) by packaging ahead of time and securing quality moving supplies that won’t fail you. Keep temperature-sensitive belongings separate and load them in your vehicle last to limit their exposure to the cold. 

Take Care of Your Movers

Call your movers a week before your scheduled move-in date to confirm their arrival time and other details. On moving day, don’t forget about the needs of your moving crew. Consider treating them to some snacks, sandwiches, and warm drinks. If you are using the help of friends rather than professional movers, this still applies! Everyone enjoys being appreciated for their help. 

Arrange Winter Storage

Moving everything from your former residence to your new one in one day may not be possible. If necessary, arrange for short-term storage. A climate-controlled unit keeps your valuables safe from cold and moisture present in winter. Vulnerable items include furniture and electronics. 

Stay Positive! 

Moving apartments in winter can seem like an added stressor on top of an already challenging experience. However, by keeping a positive perspective, you don’t need to make move-in day difficult. Remember that soon you will be sitting in your new apartment, ready to start the exciting next chapter of your life. When you move into Beechtree Apartments, that includes enjoying our many available amenities as well as our wonderful neighborhood in Prince Frederick, Maryland.

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment! 

Here at Beechtree Apartments, we pride ourselves on providing you with luxurious living and affordable pricing. So when you choose one of our fabulous new apartments in Calvert County, you can see how modern living meets modern-day conveniences. 

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