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7 Tips for Unpacking Moving Boxes in Your Apartment

beechtree apartments unpacking moving boxes

Remember these tips for unpacking your moving boxes efficiently.

After packing up your home, arranging movers, and finding that perfect new apartment, you’re almost ready to call your new place “home.” However, first, you must unpack all your belongings in your new apartment. This can be a considerable undertaking but can be made easier when you follow a few important tips to keep you organized and make sure you have access to what you need most on move-in day. As you prepare to move into your new Beechtree Apartments home, remember these tips for unpacking moving boxes. 

Label Your Rooms

You don’t have to apply a physical label to each room unless you want to, but you should know the purpose of each new room in your apartment. Where is each person’s bedroom? Where is their bathroom? Where will the dining area go, and where will the living room be? Knowing this can help you take the relevant boxes to the area they belong. 

Unpack Necessities First

You should have packed a box or two of the essentials you need to tide your family over that first day and night. This may include a change of clothes, bathroom supplies, snacks and medications, and other essentials. Unpack these boxes first so everyone can collect their essentials. 

Clean Before Unpacking Moving Boxes

Before you unpack everything, give everything in your apartment a good wipe-down. It can be easier to clean when you don’t have clutter in your way. You may move relevant boxes out of the room so you can clean, and then place every item where it belongs. 

Do One Room at a Time

Unpacking moving boxes is tiring enough without moving from room to room as you unpack. To make it easier, try unpacking one room at a time. Starting with the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom is often best. 

Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Things will shift around your home dozens of times before you find the perfect spot for it. That’s okay! When you’re moving in, you don’t need to know exactly how everything should look. For example, when unpacking your kitchen, ensure you unload all your appliances, cutlery, and pots and pans. You can find the best spot for them later, but the first step is ensuring they are in your kitchen today. 

Save Decor for Last

When unpacking your moving boxes, work from the ground up. Start by finding places for your large furniture items, then move essentials into the rooms in which they belong. As you add more and more details, you will get a better idea of what you want your home to look like. This is why it’s best to add decor last when you have a clearer picture of where things go and how much space you have. 

Clear Clutter and Boxes

As you unpack your boxes, break them down for recycling or later use and remove them from the room you’re working on. This can help you feel like you’re progressing and leave you much more room to move around. However, designate one or two empty boxes as “discard/donate” boxes. You should have decluttered as you packed, but if you or your family find items you don’t need in your new home, you can place them in these boxes. 

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