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How Apartment Residents Can Avoid Work-From-Home Burnout

beechtree apartments work-from-home burnout

Learn what you can do to avoid work-from-home burnout in your apartment.

Working from home has become increasingly common among adults. However, for some, adjusting to this new way of work comes with unique challenges. You can avoid bothersome things like long commutes, high gas prices, and chilly offices when you work from home. However, while at work, you have to find a way to create a separation between your working hours and relaxation hours. If you are struggling to avoid work-from-home burnout, Beechtree Apartments has a few tips you can use to work in your apartment without feeling like you’re always at the office. 

Define Work Hours and Set Boundaries

You can avoid most work-from-home burnout by creating clear boundaries between work and home hours. Unless you are required to work during certain times, set the best work hours and stick to that schedule. When those hours are done, it is time to disconnect from work. If you can create a specific workspace or even use a separate room in your apartment for work, you can easily mark the hours spent in that space as work hours. When you’re off, you don’t need to enter that space. 

Minimize Distractions

Your home can be very distracting, even more so than the average office. If you struggle with at-home distractions, try setting timers for focus. The Pomodoro Technique can help, which consists of working for 25 minutes and then taking a five-minute break. This can help you focus for a chunk before you let yourself tend to something else. You may also limit your multitasking to increase your focus. 

Stay Connected

Even when you have meetings all day, you can feel disconnected from others while working from home. Make an effort to stay connected to friends and family, and when possible, find opportunities to meet and mingle with your apartment community. Creating a supportive network of people you like and trust can significantly reduce work-from-home burnout. 

Reward Yourself 

If you struggle with stress and work-from-home burnout, create small rewards for yourself. You can look forward to these moments throughout the day, after periods of focus and work, or after your daily meetings. You can set a time to take a short walk or walk your dog to get fresh air. Maybe you listen to your favorite radio station or watch your favorite sitcom on your lunch break. These little fun moments can help you recharge for the rest of your day. 

Get Regular Exercise

If you can get some exercise every day, you can significantly improve your health and reduce your stress. Plus, when you work from home, any opportunity to leave your desk or apartment is a chance to give your mind a rest from work emails. 

Fortunately, when you live in an apartment complex such as Beechtree Apartments, you have free access to our community gym. This means you can more easily fit exercise into your day, as all you have to do is travel within the community and then return to your home to bathe and relax. 

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