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Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays


In small spaces, it’s difficult to want to add decorations without making your space even more confined. There are a few tips we can give you to help keep your space tidy and still bring in the holiday cheer.

Many of us have done it: apartment living during the holiday season. In small spaces, it’s difficult to want to add decorations without making your space even more confined. There are a few tips we can give you to help keep your space tidy and still bring in the holiday cheer.

The Perfect Tree

Christmas trees don’t need to be as big as you could possibly fit in your living room. Smaller trees are just as effective as the towering ones you see in movies. Try one of these if your space is limited.

  • Slim Trees: These trees are ideal for smaller spaces, obviously taking up significantly less space. These slim trees can be real or artificial. They are generally sold wherever Christmas trees are normally sold.
  • Miniature Tree: Trees don’t need to tower in a corner over your entire living space. Miniature trees can sit on a shelf, a table, or even on the floor near other decorations and hold the same value. These are trees you could have multiple of, as well. Again, these could be real or artificial.
  • Half Tree: Being flat on one side, these trees can be pushed flush against the wall, thus saving a great deal of space. The downside being there is only half to decorate, but like miniature trees, there can be multiple depending on available space.
  • Wall Tree: If there is close to no spare room in your space, there is always the option of a wall tree that adheres to the wall, and you can place it wherever it is convenient- including behind a couch or table.

Picking A Theme

Choosing to narrow your options can be helpful when space is limited. This will prevent overdecorating and making your space too cluttered. You can pick a theme based on a few different things:

  • Color: There are a ton of color combinations to carry out the holidays with. In this case, choosing a color scheme will keep down on extra decorating. To try a few color combinations are green and gold, red and silver, all white, and blue and silver.
  • Holiday Icons: Choose one holiday icon- elves, gnomes, Santa, snowmen, snowflakes, etc.- and carry that throughout your apartment to keep the decor cohesive and eliminate the extra decor you might think about adding to the mix.
  • Holiday Type: Based on your personal decorating style, you might not want a giant Santa in your kitchen. Find decorations that fit your apartment style, such as muted embellishments for the minimalist or a live wreath if you’re more rustic.

Festive Lighting

Adding holiday lighting can bring warmth into your apartment. You might find you only need lights and a few decorations to create a festive vibe. You can place them around windows, doors, banisters, counters, above your bed, even on table legs! Get creative!

Stockings Without A Mantle

Many apartments do not come equipped with a fireplace; therefore, hanging stockings can be challenging. Heavy stocking holders are helpful when this comes into play- these stockings can be hung up on a bookcase, a shelf, or a countertop. A coat rack is also useful to hold stockings.

Finish With Holiday Cheer

Placing a fuzzy throw blanket on the couch, a centerpiece with pinecones or holly and berries, garland around the front door, or a plaid comforter on your bed can bring all the holiday cheer together. These are things that aren’t more than you’d normally do to your apartment but changing decorations to be more festive in nature will bring the apartment together.

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