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Cleaning Up When You’re Moving Out


It is no secret that when moving out of rental space you need to clean it up in order to get your deposit back. Read on to learn more!

It is no secret that when moving out of rental space you need to clean it up in order to get your deposit back. Before moving into a new rental, a deep clean of your old rental is required by most landlords. Here are some things to consider when moving out of your apartment.

Refer to your lease agreement

Before getting started refer to your lease agreement. There may be language in the agreement that specifically indicates what tenants are responsible to have cleaned or cleaning themselves. There are, in some cases, amounts for replacement items and on occasion, non-negotiable costs for things like carpet replacement and painting.

Discuss with your landlord

After reading the lease, if there are still uncertainties contact your landlord. Landlords can give you clarification on how thorough they require clean-out to be. With their expectations laid out, you can get a better idea of what needs to be on your move-out checklist. Almost always, tenants will be responsible for complete clean-out. It is always good practice to leave your apartment better than you found it. This will also make it more likely to get your entire security deposit back.

Be thorough

By the definition of clean, you’ll want your apartment to be spotless for all intents and purposes. Make it look brand new, free from dirt and stains. Wipe and scrub all areas, common and uncommon. The obvious are countertops, refrigerators, the entire bathroom, and all of the floors. The not so obvious are places such as windowsills, cabinets, behind the toilet, mirrors, under cabinets, baseboards, walls, and drip pans. The better the clean, the more likely tenants are to get their security deposit back in full.

Downsize but take everything

While you’re already cleaning and organizing, make it a point to get rid of things you no longer have a use for and reorganize the things you are keeping. Decluttering during a move is beneficial for your next space as well as cutting down on storage space you’ll need. You’ll need to take everything out of the unit, though. Landlords can charge for junk removal just as they can charge for cleaning if tenants do not. Generally, this charge is taken from the security deposit so be sure to clean up and haul out yourself to be sure to not lose all or part of that return.

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