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4 Simple Apartment Maintenance Tips for Renters

beechtree apartments apartment maintenance tips

Remember these apartment maintenance tips to keep your home comfortable.

Keeping your apartment in excellent condition is not just for your own comfort. As a renter, you are responsible for maintaining your apartment’s functionality, cleanliness, and appearance so that if you leave, the next resident can enjoy living in the same apartment unit. Plus, you want to get your security deposit back if you move out, and keeping your apartment clean and functional while residing there is the best way to do so. But how do you know what needs maintenance and care? This simple guide will break down the essential apartment maintenance tips for renters. 

Apartment Floors

You can keep your floors, whether carpeted, hardwood, or tile, cleaned and maintained to keep them looking as good as new. A few apartment maintenance tips for floors include: 

  • Vacuum regularly to keep rugs and carpets free of dirt and pet hair, which can develop an odor. 
  • Add rugs to high-traffic areas to reduce wear and tear on hardwood or non-carpeted floors. 
  • Periodically mopping with special wood polish can also help hardwood floors. 
  • Clean up spills right away so mold doesn’t build up, especially on the carpet. 

Baby wipes, and a vinegar & baking soda mix can be powerful tools for blotting out stains. However, always remember to blot carpet stains rather than scrub. 

Cabinets and Counters

To keep these rooms organized, keep your kitchen and bathroom counters free of mold and clutter. Preventative maintenance in these areas can save you a lot of trouble. Check for dampness and leaks in the bathroom to avoid wood rot or mold build-up. Avoid hanging damp towels on cabinets, as this can also cause rot.

You should disinfect the cabinets and counters at least twice a month and use cleaners safe for your countertops. Some are too harsh for granite surfaces, so soap and water or natural cleaning solutions are best. 

Kitchen Appliances 

Kitchen appliances come with your apartment and are part of the appeal of your apartment home. If you notice any malfunctions or problems with the devices, contact your property manager right away. Remember these tips for the safe use of your stove, microwave, and fridge: 

  • Ensure that all lights and burners turn on and nothing leaks or makes a funny sound. 
  • Check that no foul smells are coming from the garbage disposal. Cutting up a lemon and running it through your garbage disposal can effectively reduce those smells. Also, avoid putting food items like coffee grounds, potato skins, and other large food items down the disposal to prevent clogs. 
  • Clean your appliances at least once a month to avoid stains and food buildup. 
  • Clean out your refrigerator at least once a month to remove expired items. 

Bathroom Fixtures

Keeping your bathroom clean can make a huge difference in enjoying this relaxing space. To maintain a luxurious bathroom, remember these tips: 

  • Check the sinks, bathtub, and shower for leaks, and lightly clean them at least once a week. 
  • Ensure that no mold builds up, especially between the floor tiles. Mop about once a month to keep grout clean.
  • Use bleach to remove foul odors, particularly from the toilet. 
  • Make sure the toilet is functioning correctly, and never ignore a clog. 

These apartment tips can keep your home comfortable and clean and prevent any damages that would cause any problems with your building management. 

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