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The Top 4 Moving Hacks: Make Your New Move Stress-Free

beechtree apartments moving hacks

Try these moving hacks to make moving into your new apartment a breeze!

Are you getting ready to move? Moving your home can feel overwhelming and stressful. There’s got to be an easy way to transport everything safely and swiftly. While moving will always entail some effort, you can use several “moving hacks” to make your apartment moving experience easier without spending extra money or time. If you’re ready to move into your Beechtree Apartments home, remember these tips to make the process a little easier. 

Stay Organized with Moving Apps

There are apps specifically designed to help you move! Apps like Updater can help you accomplish dozens of tasks in minutes, like connecting utilities, forwarding mail, and securing renter’s insurance. The Letgo app can help you buy and sell local goods to get rid of those large belongings you’re not taking with you or find everyday items for low prices. Finally, Sortly is an app that can help you inventory everything you own with photos, information, and notes. This can help you ensure you don’t miss anything or lose track of items during the move. 

Pack Smarter, Not Harder

One of the best moving hacks experienced apartment movers will recommend is using what you already have on hand to transfer your more fragile and sensitive items. For example, consider: 

  • Filling pots and crock pots with items: Place small items inside hollow items such as cooking pots to save space and eliminate unnecessary packing.
  • Use socks to protect fragile items: Avoid spending extra on packing gear and wrap thick socks around fragile items that need some impact protection. 
  • Use towels and clothes to save on packing paper: Avoid breakage by placing towels and clothing you’re already transporting around anything fragile.
  • Avoid packing boxes too full: Don’t push your boxes to the limit! It is better to have more boxes to carry than fill one up so much that it breaks. You might also consider using plastic bins or suitcases you already have for sturdier packing options. 

Create Your Own Storage

As you settle into your home, you may need time to adjust to the new space and determine what layout and storage solutions work best for you. If you need more storage, you can always make your own! Consider the following: 

  • Use storage under your bed.
  • Store multiple clothes items on one hanger.
  • Use drawer organizers to create designated storage spaces within your drawers. 

Review Your Plans Before Move-In Day 

Once you’ve finished packing, the last of our moving hacks is to review your plans before moving in. 

  • Coordinate with friends or family helping you move or the company you hired. When will they arrive? Do they have the address of your new home? 
  • Lay down floor protectors on your carpet and hardwood floors to protect them from the shoes that may be dirtying the floors all day long. 
  • Make sure you have clean bedding accessible for that night. 

You also want a first-day bag ready, full of all the essentials you need, including money, identification, your lease, access information for your building, snacks, and basic toiletries. When you plan and remember these moving hacks, you can enjoy a smooth start at your new apartment home.

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment!

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