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Natural vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: Which Is Best for You?

beechtree apartments artificial christmas trees

Are natural or artificial Christmas trees best for your apartment home? Compare the pros and cons.

If you haven’t bought your apartment home’s Christmas tree yet, you have a decision to make: natural or artificial? There are many pros and cons to consider as you choose, and deciding which tree to bring into an apartment home may also influence your decision. If you are ready to decorate your Beechtree Apartments home, weigh the pros and cons to decide whether natural or artificial Christmas trees suit your home. 

Artificial Christmas Trees

Pro: Style Variety

You can choose from many different styles of trees when searching for artificial Christmas trees. You can select several sizes to suit your space and pick natural-looking green trees, sparkling silver, or trees dusted with fake snow. 

Pro: Ease of Use

One primary benefit of choosing artificial Christmas trees as an apartment dweller is how easy this tree is to set up. Most trees come in a box, so it is much easier to get into your apartment than a natural tree. Many trees also have lights attached, so you don’t have to worry about hanging string lights. Plus, you don’t have to worry about needles falling, and fake trees are less of a fire hazard than the real ones.  

Pro: Reusability 

Real trees have limited lifespans, while fake Christmas trees last year after year. This means you can purchase one tree and bring it out yearly; when you use a real tree, you buy a new one every December. 

Con: No Pine Smell

Fake Christmas trees have a lot of perks, but their one major con is that they don’t come with that unique pine scent. However, some people may find that smell overwhelming in an apartment. You can achieve that piney scent you want with plug-in room scents. 

Real Christmas Trees

Pro: Choose a Unique Tree Every Year 

The experience of picking out your unique tree every year can be unforgettable, especially as a family. Whether you cut your tree down or shop at a local lot, you can be sure you will have a tree like no one else’s. 

Pro: Fresh Pine Smell 

Real trees bring with them their unique crisp pine tree smell. Nothing else quite compares to the real thing! 

Con: Size and Upkeep

When bringing a Christmas tree into your apartment, size is a significant consideration. It can be a pain to transport your tree from the lot, as you must tie it to your car and remove it once you’re home. Then, you have to carry the tree up to your apartment home. Even when using an elevator, it can be a challenging task. 

Then, you must keep your tree watered through the season so it doesn’t dry out and create a fire hazard. If you are up for the upkeep, a real Christmas tree can provide you with the seasonal spirit you desire.

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