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Are You a Good Tenant? 5 Tips for an Excellent Rental Experience

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Remember these rules for being a good tenant and building a positive relationship with your apartment community.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your landlord or property management company is one of the best ways to ensure an excellent rental experience. At Beechtree Apartments, our staff can assist you with many concerns and are eager to maintain a positive relationship with all renters. Consider the following tips if you want to know what you can do to make a great impression and establish a reputation as a good tenant in your apartment community. 

Do You Pay Rent on Time? 

The first rule of being a good tenant is consistency with your rent payments. This establishes you as a reliable tenant, which will help you in the future if you need references for moving into a new community. Modern apartment communities offer tenants various ways to submit payments, so paying rent on time is easier than ever. Typically, you can use a rental app to submit your payments virtually, eliminating the hassle or worry of mailing checks or dropping off payments. Set reminders if you are worried about forgetting to submit payments. 

Do Your Guests Stay Awhile? 

Most rental leases restrict long-term guests because the guests are unscreened and are not on the lease. Unapproved subletting or long-term guests can put you at risk, and since your name is on the lease, you will be responsible for any damage these guests may cause. 

If you want to host long-term guests, check your lease first to see what is defined as long-term guests. Some leases list 7, 14, or 30-day stays as “long term.” When in doubt, consult with your landlord to see what is permissible so you don’t put your rental agreement at risk.

Do You Report Maintenance Issues Immediately? 

Rental maintenance is necessary to keep your apartment operating well for yourself and all future tenants. As a good tenant, you will do your part to report any issues right away so they can be fixed before they become more significant problems. Because landlords cannot keep track of every issue in every unit at all times, they rely on the tenant to report any problems like water leaks, HVAC failures, appliance damage, and more. 

Do You Keep Your Home Tidy? 

Keeping your rental in generally good condition is crucial for preventing issues like pests and ensuring the return of your security deposit. The best way to ensure the longevity of your apartment is to keep it clean and well-maintained, free of garbage, dirt, and pests. To be a good tenant and enjoy your rental experience, carefully read through your lease agreement to understand your responsibilities regarding maintaining your rental.

Are You a Good Communicator? 

Communicating just enough is the key to a positive rental experience and landlord-tenant relationship. Be sure to bring up maintenance issues immediately and be available to answer any landlord inquiries as needed. You won’t be your landlord’s only tenant or priority, so remember that they have to prioritize requests. Maintenance is typically available quickly, but you should adjust your expectations when requiring help with a non-emergency. When all tenants approach their apartment community staff with patience and understanding, everyone can have a positive experience. 

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