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How to Add Color to Your Apartment Without Paint

beechtree apartments add color to your apartment

Add color to your apartment – without paint – through décor, art, and plants!

Because they are built to house various people with their own particular tastes, apartment walls are typically painted in neutral colors. While you may not be able to repaint the walls to your preference, this neutral color palette gives you a chance to add color to your apartment through more creative means. You can let your personal taste shine by incorporating pops of color through furniture, plants, artwork, area rugs, and more! Consider the following suggestions if you’re ready to add dazzling color to your Beechtree Apartments home. 

Consider The Environment You Want

The use of color can significantly impact how a room makes you feel. Different hues can promote different feelings and emotions, so consider first which colors you want to add to which rooms of your apartment. For example, red, orange, and maroon tones can make you feel more passionate or energized, while greens and darker blues may make you feel more at ease and relaxed. 

Choose Your Color

When you want to add color to your apartment without making permanent changes or making big purchases like a new couch, you can choose an accent color you love and try to bring accessories in that color to your home. For example, if you love the coastal feel, adding light blue or sage green pillows can help create that atmosphere. By adding accents like pillows, throw blankets, vases, and decorative bowls in your favorite colors, you can do a lot to change the look of a space. 

Work From the Ground Up

Adding pops of color to your apartment doesn’t have to be done at eye level. Rugs can do a lot to add color to a room and even bring more joy and comfort to your space. Even if the rest of your room is mainly neutral, a bright-colored rug in the center can do a lot to bring some energy and personality to the space. 

Install a Gallery Wall 

Devoting one wall to artwork of different sizes can be a great way to add color and personality to your apartment. Beyond selecting colorful and interesting artwork, you can find frames in different colors and textures and add even more interior design flair. You can hang most picture frames with 3M command strips that don’t require any hardware to hang in your apartment. 

Plant Your Pop of Color

You can add color to your apartment with the help of Mother Nature. Plants come in various colors, patterns, and sizes and not only look beautiful in your home but can boost your mood and even improve the air quality of your apartment. 

Color Can Come From Anywhere 

Pops of color can come from anywhere in your apartment, from large and small accessories. Beyond area rugs and artwork, you can add color with your dishes, glassware, kitchen towels, and appliances. These small common features of your bathroom and kitchen can turn these conventional spaces into expressive and colorful rooms. 

Choose an Inspiration Piece

Find one large inspiration piece if you aren’t sure which colors to add to your room. For example, if you love the color of your couch or rug, you can use that as a jumping-off point for finding throw pillows, blankets, lamps, and more in complementary shades. If you’re worried about creating a “busy” design with too many colors, this can help you keep a single color palette that isn’t neutral white or beige. 

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