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Refreshing Indoor Houseplants for Your Apartment, Part 2

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Certain houseplants infuse your home with even stronger springtime vibes.

It’s an uplifting feeling whenever you love where you live. More than likely, that’s because you’ve never felt more at home than you do now. No matter how many places you’ve lived before, it just feels right. Everything inside your excellently-appointed apartment has a designated place to go. Plus, it feels like you actually live there, and not just your stuff. True, it might seem like an eternity before you’re not in boxes anymore, but if you hang in there, you’ve got options for sprucing your place up a little bit! What are they? 


There’s no denying that succulents are adorable. They’ve been gaining popularity for a good reason – mainly because they’re so easy to look after. They look pretty, and the fact that they’re pretty much impossible to kill is a nice bonus. Give these easygoing houseplants a smidge of water and sun every other month, and they’ll last you good a while. 

Spider Plants

Spider plants don’t need much light to help them flourish. Let’s suppose that you’re not comfortable letting a copious amount of sunshine into your apartment for one reason or another. Well, that’s okay, at least for these friendly little houseplants. They renew themselves via self-propagation. That means they rely on off-shoots to spread out – and when their roots get crowded, that’s when they are even happier! 


Bamboo isn’t just for flooring (or hungry pandas) anymore! Like succulent plants, bamboo shoots only require small doses of water at a time. They’ll appreciate sitting in the shade, though. Adherents of feng shui beliefs will be gladdened to hear that bamboo provides water, wood, and earth. These three elements of that soothing philosophy unite with fire and metal when you place your bamboo plants into the correct pot. 

Ficus Trees

Some apartments are too small to accommodate ficus trees. But since they’re so low-maintenance, you might spring for some of these houseplants regardless. 

Peace Lilies 

Certain houseplants infuse your home with even stronger springtime vibes. Peace lilies are delicate, beautiful, and best of all, don’t take up too much space. Their long and dark leaves are eye-catching, as are their distinctive white flowers. Sunlight exposure can harm them, though. They’re called “closet plants” for a reason, you know. One more thing – while they aren’t thirsty very often, don’t neglect to water them when they need it. Parched leaves will droop and detract from the overall aesthetic appeal.  

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment! 

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