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5 More Suggestions for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

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Move-out time can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to recovering your security deposit.

Apartments make for convenient places to live. You get luxurious amenities that you might not have access to otherwise. Plus, you’ll have neighbors nearby who can help watch your apartment when you are out of town, collect your mail if needed, and check in on kids and pets. 

Apartment living isn’t always rosy, though. Move-out time can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to recovering your security deposit. Maximize your chances of getting the full deposit back by following these helpful tips! 

Align Your Move-Out Date with Roommates

Living on your own in a studio apartment means that you’ve got a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. That’s one of the reasons why living with roommates is so appealing. They don’t necessarily have to be family members or relatives, either. They can be long-time friends or coworkers. If you and all of your roommates intend to leave around the same time, arrange the move-out date to fall on the same day. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

Set Up a Pretend Inspection

Walk-throughs are a necessary part of apartment living. Even if you are renting a townhouse in the same community where you live now, inspections on move-in and move-out are a fact of life. Run through the inspection checklist when it’s time to move. More likely than not, you’ll be able to pull this off with your roommates or family members. Asking friends to come over and help isn’t a good idea unless everyone is properly inoculated against COVID-19. Look for clear signs of damage or wear and tear. Some of it will be on the landlord’s docket, while the rest could count against your account – and your security deposit!

Ask the Landlord to Do an Unofficial Inspection

Alternatively, you could talk to your landlord (or the management company rep) to conduct an unofficial inspection on your behalf. Getting someone who knows more about your property than you do is immensely helpful – they’ll have a better understanding of the necessary repairs that need to be performed. Plus, they can note what other cleaning and maintenance tasks must be done before the apartment can be turned over to a new tenant. 

Perform Some Basic Fixes 

You also have the option to perform some basic fixes yourself. Making a maintenance request through your resident portal is a convenient solution for problems beyond your capabilities. That said, it’s simple enough to do minor things like changing burnt-out lightbulbs, patching up nail holes, and plunging the drains and toilets. 

Read Up on Applicable Laws

One last thing before we go – do your homework! This means that you should read up on laws that apply to your area. That way, you’ll be able to tell when your management office is doing something wrong – or that they are withholding your security deposit without a good reason.

Let Us Welcome You Home to Your Fabulous New Apartment! 

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