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5 Indoor Houseplants That Will Freshen Up Your Apartment

You should consider getting a few friendly houseplants to oxygenate the room and help you think!

Your apartment should be your haven. After you’ve finished spring cleaning, you deserve some downtime. Take a beat in the mornings to meditate, sip some tea, and contemplate the day ahead. Working from home all the time can get monotonous since you’re always staring at the same set of walls. Even if you take your setup into another room, you might still feel stale. That’s why you should consider getting a few friendly houseplants to oxygenate the room and help you think!


Pothos is the first plant we want to tell you about today. They’re leafy additions that can be hung up along the ceiling. They’ll get rid of formaldehyde, which you may not realize emanates from carpets and area rugs. Plus, they don’t need much light to keep them happy. Just bear in mind that low light might not help them thrive.

Snake Plant 

Snake plants are incredibly hardy. So if you know that you’re a bad plant parent, they’ll understand! They are low-maintenance and don’t demand much light or water. Another benefit they provide you is their ability to absorb formaldehyde and benzene.

ZZ Plant 

Despite what you might think, these houseplants do not wear sunglasses or have long beards. Their name is short for “Zamioculcas Zamiifolia,” and they hail from Zanzibar. They’re also hyped as the “Houseplant of the Future” since they don’t need much light or water (three times a month, for hydration). Plus, they actively repel pests, so you won’t see very many bugs and insects trying to make it their new hangout spot.  

Iron Plant

The hardy iron plant is also known scientifically as aspidistra elatior. Their dark leaves are tall and broad. If you want to spruce up a dark corner in your apartment, these will be your best bet. They prefer to be left in the dark and aren’t thirsty houseplants, either. Even if you put them in low-quality soil, they’ll stay alive anyway.  


Cacti are ultra-low maintenance. But they can also present an unusual aesthetic: many of them look downright odd. Besides, they come in different shapes and sizes, so no two cacti look identical. Sit them by a window, and they’ll be just fine.

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